This is an Online Timesheet Entry System (OTES) which is used by all full-time, temporary and work study employees in replacement of a PAPER timesheet and time Summary system. OTES provides many features beyond the capability of the old paper time sheet system. Employees can view hours accrued for vacation, sick and personal floating holidays.

The system also calculates total hours entered by an employee. It automates the manuel time sheet process where an employee has to enter their hours and worry about sending their paper timesheet to their supervisor to get a signature and to be paid. They system is flexible enough to work with you.  If you liked to enter hours on the timesheet as you worked them, you may do that with this system. If you like to enter all of your hours at the end of the pay period, you may also do that with OTES. It depends on your personal preference or how your supervisor has instructed you on when you should enter the hours.

Below are some advantages for the departments and employees using OTES:


  • Reduce clerical time in departments
  • Elimination of paper timesheets
  • Elimination of the Temporary Time Summary
  • Eliminate the delivery of Timesheets and Temporary Time Summary sheets to the Payroll office
  • Ability to view and approve employees’ time online
  • More accurate data entry
  • More statistical reporting on time usage
  • Track patterns of absenteeism if desired
  • Ability to view employees’ accruals online


  • On-line timesheet
  • No delivery of timesheets to supervisor
  • Ability to check daily entries
  • One timesheet for employees with multiple tasks
  • Holidays already listed and calculated
  • Provides self-service to employees to check their available accrual balances
  • Create secure Hubs/Marketplaces/Buy-side/Sell-side application

Product Support

  • Prototyping as per requirements
  • Database Architecture
  • Develop test Plans & Test application
  • Migrate data
  • System Implementation
  • Maintenance support